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Cat Grooming

Here at Barkingham Park we are cat grooming specialists. Being one of only two UK grooming schools teaching the Pet industry federation cat grooming qualification we are used to handling cats for grooming on a daily basis and work on referral from many vets in Wales.

Before booking any cat in for grooming we require you to bring them along for a free consultation for us to assess the coat and temperament of the cat and allows us to give you an accurate price quote and availability. 

Our Full Grooms for cats include :

  • Free consultation

  • Brush out to remove dead coat

  • Bath And Blow dry 

  • Hair cut and sanitary trim

  • Ear cleansing, trimming & plucking

  • Nails Clipped

  • Deodorizing cat coat spray finish


Cat grooming prices START from :


£52.50 Short hair cat Bath & Brush (No Matting & Good Temperament)

£72.50 Long Hair cat Bath & Brush (No Matting & Good Temperament) 

£75.00 Start Price for Clipping cats (No Matting & Good Temperament) 

£150-£300 for clipping heavily matted coats or cats that are aggressive and/or require double handling. 

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