Doggy Daycare

Special Price only £10 for your first day at our day care

The benefits of allowing your dog to attend doggie daycare are astounding. Doggie Daycare not only has a positive effect on your canine friend’s physical and mental well-being, it benefits you as well. Here are the top three reasons why you should enrol your dog into Barkingham Park's daycare program:

01 - Peace Of Mind!

Unfortunately, it is increasingly difficult to juggle the demands of home and work, and we are simply unable to enjoy as much quality time with our beloved furry friend as we would like. One of the most common reasons for dogs attending day care is because of the long hours they spend alone. This can lead to boredom, separation anxiety, and developing bad habits, like chewing prized-possessions, barking, and indoor accidents. 

Quite a few dogs benefit from day care two or three times per week. You will find that this new routine adds stimulation to an otherwise bored and attention-deprived dog. The physical, emotional, and psychological stimulation your pet will receive is invaluable compared to leaving him/her home alone. Doggie daycare may be the peace of mind solution you’ve been looking for.

02 - Socialization


Dogs are pack animals and being able to interact with other dogs in a safe and structured environment is the most significant gift you can give your furry friend. Your dog is born knowing how to be a dog – he or she instinctually knows how to communicate with other dogs, what a play bow means, how to play, how to interpret another dog's mood, etc. Dogs desire interaction with their own species. Although we are great at giving our fur babies lots of attention and love, no matter how hard we try, we can not replace our dogs' need for canine companionship. 


Moreover, there are valuable lessons that dogs teach each other, which otherwise cannot be learned from humans. One of the biggest values in a daycare situation is the teaching of "doggie language" between dogs. It provides the perfect opportunity for your four-legged friend to get back to their roots and remember what being a dog is like. You will notice a significant difference in your dog’s behaviour. Taking your dog to day care can help him or her stay well-socialized; socialization to dogs is like foreign language to us - if it isn't practiced it may be forgotten.

03 - Exercise

Attending a doggie daycare that emphasizes exercise and activity is vital to the longevity of our canine companions. Many dogs that were originally bred for working now find themselves relegated to the monotonous cycle of sleeping, eating, looking out the window and back to sleeping and eating again. This daily routine results in weight problems and loss of crucial muscles in dogs. For large breed dogs such as Labs or Shepherds too much weight can prove to be harmful to the joints as well. 

Dogs get a great deal of physical exercise at doggie daycare and even more important, their behaviour often improves with the positive dog-dog socialization which occurs at daycare. Play keeps a dog's mind active and helps it remain mentally fit. Boredom leads to destructive behaviours such as chewing, licking, digging, or barking and can adversely affect a dog's obedience. Dog daycare can eliminate the problem of an isolated, bored and under-exercised dog. Many of our clients say their dogs are so happy and tired when they pick them up that they don't even want a walk that night!








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